Let’s Play: Minecraft

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  • Ryan in the Mario Party Let's Play: YOU ASSASSINATED MY COINS WHYYYY
  • Ryan in the GTA Let's Play: *blows everyone up, steals a car and runs over the owner, fastest crazy bar filled, rocket launchers everyone, stabby stabby death, sticky bombs on everything, accidentally picks up hookers, automatic three star wanted level just for showing up, evil maniacal cackles*
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The Black Sea at Night

- Ivan Aivazovsky, 1879


Professor - To all the student. If you see a man in a cape, do not be afraid. He’s just overly emotional. Also tell him to remove said cape because it tracks mud onto the carpets.

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climb in the back with your head in the clouds
and you’re gone

remember when i said i wanted to draw some shotgunning? well i tried, immediately regretted everything, and many, many tears were shed 

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james is werewolf, he always tries to hide it and nobody knows the truth. but his girlfriends always asking one question:
james, are you angel or demon or something else, cause i can see something magical in your blue-as-sky-eyes?

but one day he met michael and fell in love with him. they had two amazing weeks. but one day ruined everything,

the day of the truth, the day of broken hearts

that day james was ready to tell michael his little secret. but he found out that they both had secrets from each other.

secrets don’t save us. they killed everything we love

michael is a professional werewolf killer, a real wolf hunter and their relationships at most were the game of survival

and there is only one winner


marialexuchiha said: Hello I was wondering if you know any erick/charles story with them as animals like, lions, wolf, cats, dogs. That kind of fluffy/comedy/love/ little smut / relationship? If you do please help me I'm dying searching this kind of stories. Thank you for your time I love your blog


Hello! I’m glad you like my blog hehe I actually have read a few fics with them as animals. :D

My favorite is The Secret of Dragon Ranch - winterhill {PG-13} Or the one where they’re magical ponies. It’s pretty awesome. :D
Ironhooves has been a prisoner on Dragon Ranch all his life when he finally escapes and goes searching for somepony special to help him defeat the evil dragons and save his Mama. Professor Oxford Blue might just be that special somepony. Lots of fluff and ponies pining after one another.

Another favorite of mine is Little Birds - winterhill {PG-13}. Where they’re birds. Charles is the most adorable pet dove who is protective of other little birds.
Bird AU. Erik is a lone kestrel on a mission to destroy the great golden eagle who killed his mother. Charles is an abandoned pet dove with no fear and a dream of making a place where the little birds can fly free. They don’t quite want the same thing, but together they’ll change the world.

The Westchester Zoo Chronicles - cloudyjenn {PG-13 |WIP}
When a new penguin comes to the zoo, Charles is convinced the humans have brought him a mate.

Strays - Teacandles {PG-13}
Raven’s handicapped corgi Charles has a bad habit of finding stray kittens and bringing them home with him. One day, instead of finding an adorable kitten, Charles befriends a rough-and-tumble alley cat. Hank is not amused.

Hairy Conniption Fits (and other hazards of fatherhood) - Quietbang {PG-13}
The one where they’re all kittens.

Worry Not, Sweet Prince - kageillusionz, ourgirlfriday {PG-13}
[Koala!Charles, Drop Bear!Erik AU]
Sequel: The Hug-A-Drop Bear Program

I also got a couple where one of them turns into an animal. Or vice-versa

But The Cat Came Back - twelve_pastels {PG-13 |Crossover: Sherlock |Mutant!AU}
“Oh, look! It’s Charles, and he’s been transformed into a cat by a malevolent government program! I wonder how I can change him back and thereby secure his love forever and ever, amen?”

Come By - Unforgotten {PG-13 |Canon-verse}
Charles is a were-corgi. Six months after Cuba, Erik dognaps him.

Humane Society - smilebackwards {R |Mutant!AU}
Once Erik finally allows himself to decide that Charles is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, he spends the next week being incredibly bitter that he’s Charles’ cat and not his boyfriend.

Sitz! - Unforgotten {R}
Erik gets turned into a doberman.

Swimming with Sharks - Not_You {NC-17 |Kid!fic}
Erik used to be a shark. Now he’s not, and has to figure out how to be a good human father to his twins. Charles is willing to help.

This Harbour (that we call home) - nekosmuse, verilyvexed {NC-17 |Mutant!AU}
It’s hard not to get swept away by Charles’ enthusiasm. The idea of finding others like him—of belonging—is seductive, but it is the thought of spending his life at this man’s side that decides it. Crane or man, Erik cannot help but fall into Charles’ orbit.
An alternate meeting loosely based on the Japanese folktale, The Crane Wife.

Carcharodon - spicedpiano {NC-17}
In which Charles is a marine veterinarian and Erik is the were-shark he fell in love with.

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fassy-alpha said: you have like th best fic recs so i was wondering if you had any rec for cherik.... i'm kind of not liking the ones i'm finding :/ pretty pleeeaseeee....


THANK YOU SO MUCH. That is really sweet. Let me know if you want something in particular. These are the ones I have on hand:

Stories I Have Read:

Paper Monsters - Erik is a famous reclusive writer, he happens to meet Charles who is reading one of his books but doesn’t know who he is. This is a really great story. 

Everything You Know Is Wrong - Charles has grown up with an understanding of who his father was, who is stepfather was, and who he was. Turns out he was wrong on at least two of those accounts. (Erik is a bodyguard and it’s AWESOME)

These Cindered Bones - Erik gets hit by a mutant and develops a sickness. He goes to Charles for help. (THIS IS HEART WRENCHING AND PERFECT)

The Proper Care of Actors - Erik and Charles are famous actors who start to like each other. 

A Place to Fall - Charles is the CEO of a pharmaceuticals company, Erik is tasked by SHIELD to protect him. He doesn’t like it, but he does it. (THIS STORY IS FANTASTIC)

Linger - Erik moves into a house that is ‘haunted’ by Charles. Turns out, Charles is actually in trouble and Erik can help him. 


Any Measure of Peace - There is no Beach Divorce, Charles tries to seduce Erik. 

Fathers and Sons - Erik is Peter’s dad, and stuff happens. Peter is HILARIOUS. 

Divergence Day - Fic that takes place after DOFP but with everyone in the bunker dying. ITS REALLY GOOD. 

There’s a Darkness Upon Me - This is an airplain sex ficlet. YAY. 

A Study in Advanced Lecherism - Charles does stuff when he gets drunk, Erik gets really annoyed. 

Adjournment - More Plane Sex. :D

Order Up - Charles orders pizza and accidentally says “I love you” and the pizza guy says it back. 

Stories I Plan to Read: 

Lay Down Beside Me

Not Half As Blinding

Tale As Old As Time

Authority Kink

Time To Go

Start A War

My Barbaric Darling

Is a Holy Unmercenary

For I Mean To Conquer Troy

Been There Done That

The Curious Carriage of Crystal and Cold

Not Half As Blinding

X Marks the Spot

Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice

First Impressions

Game of the Century

The Things We Did and Didn’t Do

A Matched Set

All Our Past Times


Minds Eye Blind

Nine Eleven Ten